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BITA welcomes leap in forklift truck sales

BITA welcomes leap in forklift truck sales

The second quarter of 2014 has seen an 18% quarter-on-quarter rise in forklift trucks sales, with 7,851 sales recorded in the three month period compared to 6,615 for the same quarter of 2013 – a total increase in sales of 1,236 trucks.

Deborah Niven, Specialist lawyer in intellectual property and associate at hlw K

Top 10 tips for protecting your exporting business online

Most businesses that export to overseas countries understand the importance of having a relevant and engaging website that allows them to market their produce effectively to their target audience.

Phil Williams, Head of Shell Commercial Fleet

Shell steps up the battle against fuel card fraud

By introducing Real Time Detection technology, which can detect criminal behaviour in seconds, Shell has significantly enhanced the fraud detection capabilities of its euroShell Card.

Anton Balkitis, Partner, Rothera Sharp Solicitors

Traffic Commissioners consider crackdown on mobile phone offences

With Traffic Commissioners (TCs) looking at the case for more stringent action against professional drivers caught using mobile phones, it’s important to examine the potential consequences.

New Class 66 locomotives signal further growth for GB Railfreight

New Class 66 locomotives signal further growth for GB Railfreight

The arrival of the first batch of its new Class 66 locomotives from the USA has been heralded by GB Railfreight. They represent the first batch of an order of 21 Class 66s from Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) and are part of the company’s largest ever investment in new locomotives.