Securing the skies - security seals for the airline industry

Security seals are a key component in the securing of global aviation logistics, ensuring that aircraft, airports and airline supply chains are secured against the issues of tampering, theft or bad practice. They serve as a means by which an audit history of logistics movements can be maintained so that authorised users might understand where risks under their area of influence might be managed and reduced.


Security seals for airlines

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Security Seals in Use

Sealing aircraft doors

Airplane doors should be sealed overnight whilst unattended to ensure that no-one has accessed the aircraft without prior approval. Security labels can be used to seal the seam of the doors in this scenario to ensure that access is notified and recorded. Non-Residue Security Labels cannot be unpeeled or removed without the label delaminating, showing VOID through the surface of the label, but does not leave any unwanted residue on the aircraft itself.

 Sealing air cargo containers

Air freight / air cargo containers are subject to rugged handling, logistics movements, in-flight turbulence, and more. Choosing the right security seal is therefore very important, and seals with sophisticated anti-tamper features and high-pulling strengths only should be used. Universeal UK recommends the application of single-use variable length cable seals in this scenario. Cable seals are much stronger than plastic pull-through seals, featuring pulling strengths ranging from 330+ KgF to 2000+KgF. Cable seals can only be removed using appropriate cutting tools, which prevents access by unauthorised users and other opportunists during transit, and can easily withstand the forces and rigours of airfreight logistics.

 Sealing trucks

Ground operation logistic vehicles, such as trucks and trailers, should be sealed with indicative plastic seals to prevent intrusion once within airport boundaries. Universeal recommends the use of pull-through seals with metal and acetal inserts due to the higher level of sophistication they provide, giving clear evidence of tampering. Pull-through security seals are available in different lengths, pull-strengths and with/without tear-off facilities, to suit the particular requirement. 

 Sealing sacks
Waste or equipment collection bags and sacks should be sealed with printed identification ties or security seals to provide safe transport, recycling/reuse or disposal of all manner of items which are bulk-bagged in the course of main airline and airport operations, or operations ancillary to this. Products can be customised to suit your particular needs – with printing of company name, logo or text; unique sequential numbering and barcodes; as well as packaging to suit operational requirements on the ground.


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