Logistics group voices support for May’s Brexit deal

Leading logistics group voices support for PM’s Brexit deal

The United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) is asking its members to back Theresa May’s draft Brexit deal.  

UKWA CEO Peter Ward is urging his 700+ members, which includes warehousing and logistics providers as well as manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, to “contact their MPs and voice support for deal”, which was published on November 14.

Peter Ward said: “While recognising that the withdrawal agreement tabled by the Government is not perfect and includes areas of compromise, if this is the mechanism that allows us to get over the line into a transition agreement, we welcome it,” he said.

He continued: “The PM is in an impossible position in trying to carry everyone with her, but the alternative of no deal is unthinkable. The country has spoken and leave means leave, as the PM has repeatedly said. However, from a business perspective it is vital that we have enough time to plan for transition. Furthermore, it is important to remember that this is not the final outcome but a strategic step forward. As ever, the devil will be in the mass of detail that follows, and these negotiations are hugely complex. The key achievement now will be to move the country forward towards transition.

"Our message to UKWA members – and to the wider business community – is that it is business that will drive the economy, and business must ensure that our message is heard. 

He added: “Those politicians expressing entrenched positions based on ideology alone need to be balanced by those with a pragmatic view and an understanding of the true impact of Brexit on business.

"This is a huge responsibility, not just for the UK Government, but for businesses too. Business needs this transition in order to achieve an orderly exit from the EU.”