Survey shows a majority of local residents support Heathrow expansion

Nearly three fifths of residents in the 12 constituencies nearest to Heathrow airport feel positive about the airport expansion, while less than 10% feel negative, a poll of 10,000 residents by Heathrow has revealed, and 51% support the expansion.

These results come a month after a similar poll for MPs in which 62% said they are in support of the expansion. Recent polling by ComRes has also shown that two thirds of MPs feel the expansion with strengthen the UK economy.

The survey is the first local poll since Heathrow announced it would meet the Airports Commission’s environmental conditions for the planned expansion.  Amongst Heathrow’s commitments are an extension of a ban on certain night flights, and the establishment of an Education and Skills Taskforce to develop local talent.  

Nigel Milton, director of external affairs at Heathrow, said: “This polling shows that a majority of our neighbours recognise that a third runway will create tens of thousands of local jobs, ending youth unemployment in the communities closest to the airport as well as reducing noise impacts and meeting air quality rules.

“Heathrow expansion is no longer a choice between the environment and the economy – our plans will benefit both. The plan and the fact it is supported by a majority of people living near the airport gives the Prime Minister the confidence to make the right choice for a stronger British economy and approve Heathrow expansion.”