Time for a brew as Doncaster Sheffield Airport bags tea shipment

Time for a brew as Doncaster Sheffield Airport bags tea shipment

A special cargo landed at Doncaster Sheffield Airport on board two Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 cargo flights.  The flights, which attracted great interest from aircraft enthusiasts, were carrying 200 tonnes of tea for the UK.

Dayle Hauxwell, cargo manager, for Doncaster Sheffield Airport said: “We are pleased to welcome these fantastic aircraft to Doncaster.

“The aircraft carried 3,500 sacks of tea which was then taken via road to its destination.  We are sure that at some point we’ll all be sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea made from the products which were flown into Doncaster Sheffield Airport.”

Earlier this year Doncaster Sheffield Airport announced a 112% increase in the amount of cargo it transports.  The figures, which represent the number of consignments in and out of the airport, show a second successive year of growth.  They also represent year on year from 2013 to 2014.

“Companies are now starting to recognise the real benefits of working with Doncaster Sheffield Airport to both receive and distribute goods to and from worldwide destinations,” added Mr Hauxwell.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport’s Cargo Terminal incorporates of 12,000sqft of operational space and has a full range of equipment and facilities capable of handling any aircraft.

This, coupled with its 2,893-metre runway, means that through Anglo World Cargo, the airport has the ability to handle all aspects of airfreight from the smallest parcel to bespoke charters of large cargo aircraft, such as the Antonov-225.