Victa Railfreight hits grand total for safety training

Victa Railfreight hits grand total for safety training

Victa Railfreight has delivered its acclaimed Rail Safety Awareness (RSA) training course to the 1,000th delegate since starting the courses in November 2013.

The course is for staff who duties take them near railway infrastructure in depots, yards, terminals and sidings across the UK.

The 1,000th candidate was Martyn Kilner (pictured above, inset), who was enrolled on the Rail Safety Awareness Course at Drax Power Station on the 17 July 2019, along with seven of his colleagues.

This achievement was captured by Rob McKittrick, Victa Railfreight’s Operations Support Manager, at Drax Power Station who said, “We have achieved a huge milestone today by delivering our RSA course to our 1000th delegate”.

“Victa Railfreight is a long-established award-winning provider of rail-based training courses. All candidates that attend our courses go through a classroom session to ensure that they gain a good understanding of how to keep themselves and others when on or near the line”. 

“Candidates also visit a protected siding for a practical assessment. This allows our trainers to see that the candidates have expanded their knowledge and that they have a clear understanding of safety on or near the railway track”. 

“These courses include identifying key risks within the industry around rail operations within freight terminal, depot, railhead, port and quarry sites including personal safety, site specific risks and the loading and unloading of trains and wagons. We are continuing to provide our Rail Safety Awareness courses to a wide range of existing clients and an increasing number of new customers.”

Alongside the RSA course, Victa provides a range of other training and development courses that aim to enhance safety and operational expertise relating to rail freight activities. 

In addition, the company’s new Railfreight Development Course demonstrates to existing and potential users of the rail mode the basic principles of rail operations and explains some of the jargon in layman’s terms to provide informed choices amongst logisticians and other potential users of rail freight. 

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