New software will generate efficiency and income for intermodal operators

New software will generate efficiency and income for intermodal operators

An important piece of software has been launched to help intermodal operators organise their rail routes more efficiently and increase income by selling leftover capacity.

The booking system – designed and produced by FreightArranger, the company known for the UK intermodal brokerage system it developed linking road and rail freight to make journeys more financially and environmentally efficient.

Now, that same thinking has been packaged and put onto the market for rail and logistic operators to take in-house.

FreightArranger managing director Nick Radcliffe said: "FreightArranger software solves the most important profitability problem faced by operators of intermodal train space: the speed of allocating train space between block train and open train customers.

“This problem is also faced by 3PLs and logistics companies who have purchased train space and are retailing it.”

The system, which is backed by a triple-linked server system providing 99.99% availability is claimed to be one of the most accurate and efficient systems available.  It cuts response times and maximises train fill while freeing up staff time.

FreightArranger integrates with other rail freight services and with road and water freight transport modes, enabling long distance freight to be moved door-to-door by the optimum means from just one booking.

The system is fully safe and secure.  All functions are firewalled so they can only be accessed by appointed users, and never by outside organisations.  FreightArranger software is hosted by Rockshore, which also provides infrastructure to Heathrow and many other airports.

Nick Radcliffe added: "We speak to rail firms on a regular basis and looked closely at their booking systems whilst we developed our product, and we found that we could improve the focus on sales and customer service.

"We also included a tracker which the customer can access.  The FreightArranger system was developed to improve the attraction of rail freight through better customer service and faster processes."