UKWA support for new apprenticeship standards

The UK Warehousing Association will now actively seek the views of both members and non-members on the standards for apprentices required in the warehousing and logistics industry, following the government’s announcement that 59 new apprenticeship standards have been approved.

As the trade body for the warehousing and logistics sector, UKWA is already actively involved in the Trailblazer consultation process for developing these industry standards.

UKWA CEO Peter Ward commented: “We have a real opportunity here to shape this programme for our sector and decide what the standards should be; so we want to hear from as many businesses and individuals as possible.

“UKWA will be acting as a conduit between the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the logistics sector, making sure the views of the industry are heard. Our message is ‘This is real – don’t miss out!’

“The skills gap in warehousing and logistics has long been an issue of concern for us.  Indeed, in a recent survey, 85% of UKWA members identified training and education services as a priority for their businesses.  We are delighted that the government is listening and look forward to helping scope the apprenticeship standards for our industry.”

The ‘industry standards’ will outline the skills apprentices in various roles are expected to have to meet the needs of employers. This is part of government’s commitment to drive reforms in order to build a world-class apprenticeship system.