Ward Bros chooses DB Cargo UK for first ever rail freight service

Ward Bros has hired DB Cargo UK to transport materials by rail from its scrap processing facility at the Port of Sunderland to the Celsa Steel UK works in Cardiff.
The trains that will be carrying the metal are the first to run out of the Port of Sunderland since 1998. The contract was awarded to DB Cargo UK because of the rail freight operator’s excellent reputation for customer service and its provision of specialist MBA rail wagons.
Sonia Hampton, account manager metals, DB Cargo UK said: “We offer highly efficient solutions for transporting large materials built upon decades of experience working with companies across the metals sector. There is real value to customers in using rail freight to deliver their goods, including that it produces fewer emissions than road and can help to ease traffic congestion.”
As scrap metal is not compacted, the length and size of the MBA wagons means that a heavy weight of material can still be carried, despite its large size. The scrap metal is processed at the CELSA Steel Works to make finished metal products, including rebars used in the construction industry.
Chris Hagg, head of external affairs, CELSA Steel UK said: “CELSA is proud to be a part of this great British manufacturing story, which will see scrap delivered from Sunderland recycled into top grade and responsibly sourced steel in Cardiff. In supporting UK supply chains, we promote sustainability and support thousands of livelihoods across the UK.”
DB Cargo UK is currently operating one service per week for Ward Bros, carrying around 1,250 tonnes of material on each train.