Loyalty to Mercedes-Benz continues on SR Transport’s silver anniversary

A UK-based transport service has celebrated its 25th anniversary with the purchase of two new Mercedes-Benz vans from dealer Bell Truck and Van.

SR Transport unveiled a new Sprinter and a Vito to add to its collection and tradition of only owning Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The company operates 10,000 sq ft of warehousing and specialises in fast delivery to locations in the UK and Europe.

“Reliability is the single most important factor behind our loyalty to Mercedes-Benz vans,” explained Savva Roberts, founder of SR Transport. “A lot of our work entails just-in-time deliveries and, given the size of the fines we’d incur if we arrived late, we simply cannot afford breakdowns.

“Our Sprinter and Vito vans have stood the test of time. Problems have been few and far between and on the very rare occasions that they have occurred the Mercedes-Benz emergency roadside assistance service has responded quickly and efficiently. 

“Given the distances our vehicles cover the manufacturer’s unlimited mileage, three-year warranty is another big plus point. Our vans are also comfortable and well-liked by their drivers, equipped with a reassuring array of safety features and very economical to run.”