Quartix looks back to the beginning as it celebrates landmark anniversary

Quartix, which recently celebrated its 15th birthday, has grown from just four founders into an international business with offices in the UK, France and the US, employing over 100 team members.  In that time, the company has installed almost 250,000 units for more than 7,000 customers as well as supplying telematics systems for 12 young-driver insurance products.

Over the years, Quartix has won numerous awards, including the Cambridge Business Award’s Business of the Year in 2015, and has been named one of the 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain.  It has even floated on the AIM.

However, 15 years ago, it all started with a single sale!

Today Quartix has a Sales team of around a dozen dedicated people, but back in the autumn of 2001, it was up to founding director, Andy Walters, to seek out its first customer.  He found them the old-fashioned way, in the phonebook, after he called every security company that was listed.  Many of them took his number, but in the end, only one, Broadland Guarding Services Ltd, called him back.

Just a few short weeks after making contact with them, Andy Walters went out to their site and personally installed their test units.  They must have been impressed by what Quartix had to offer because a month later, they received Quartix invoice #1.  It was a one month trial that became a 15-year partnership.

The company even introduced Quartix to other clients.  In fact, Quartix has installed 200+ units based on those introductions.  The technology has evolved, but some of their oldest units are still installed in Broadland Guarding’s fleet and still working hard.

“We have stayed with Quartix for fifteen years because the system provides us with everything we require it to do,’ explains Phil House, Director of Broadland Guarding.  “We have always found the units to be efficient and reliable and the company to be customer-focused and approachable.

“Our founder, the late Brian Geary, was always very proactive in giving local companies with innovative ideas a chance, and Quartix proved to be one of the success stories.  He was proud that we were their first customer.  We look forward to continuing our partnership for the next 15 years.  Congratulations to everyone at Quartix.”
Heading towards its next milestone anniversary, Quartix has every expectation that their customers, be they established, current or future, will still be with them to celebrate in 2031.