Chancellor delivers fuel price message and hails courier firm’s actions

Chancellor delivers fuel price message and hails courier firm’s actions

Managing Director Jane Weaver and Commercial Director Duncan Foyle greet George Osborne on his arrival at AYS Logistics

When visiting Solihull-based AYS Logistics, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne discovered how falling oil prices have enabled the company to cut its costs and lower the fuel surcharge it applies in its delivery charges to customers, who are predominantly SMEs.

AYS Logistics’ fuel surcharges on delivery costs in March 2013 were 6%, but the company has since been able to lower them to 0% following the continuing fall in prices at the pumps over the last 20 months, saving customers money on their costs of transport.  As a result a customer spending £2,000 per week is now making a saving of £120.

Since June 2014, global oil prices have fallen from $115 a barrel to just above $47 and the Chancellor has made clear that businesses and families should benefit from these reductions.  To makes sure this is happening, the Chancellor recently announced that the Government will conduct internal studies into whether the fall in oil prices is reaching consumers.

During his visit to AYS Logistics, Mr Osborne said: “My message is clear: oil prices have fallen and we expect that to be passed on to hardworking people at the pumps and through their energy bills.

“I also want the backbone of Britain’s economy, our small businesses, to benefit from lower oil prices.  That’s why I’m delighted firms like AYS Logistics are already passing on the savings through lower delivery charges and I urge other firms to follow suit.”

“The Government has already taken steps to help hardworking people with fuel prices, including freezing fuel duty for the remainder of this parliament, resulting in the longest duty freeze in over 20 years.”

Jane Weaver, Managing Director of AYS Logistics, added: “It was great to welcome Chancellor George Osborne to our warehouse last week and to discuss the positive effects that lowering pump prices will have on our business.  We are always looking to pass any savings we make on to our customers and this promising fuel price reduction is enabling us to do just that.”