Concern over Nice-style attack in the UK

Police are investigating whether a Nice-style terrorist attack, where 84 people were killed when a 19-tonne lorry ploughed through the streets of the French city, could be repeated in the UK.

The National Counter Terrorism unit are looking into how easy it would be for someone to hire a similar truck in the UK and Kate Gibbs from the Road Haulage Association told BBC 4’s Today programme: “It’s hard to get hold of a truck the size of the one used in the Nice attack, certainly by hiring one.

“You can hire smaller trucks legally if you have a category C on your driving licence that enables you to drive up to 7.5 tonnes but, for anything bigger and heavier, you are going to need a proper operator’s licence and, for that, you need the appropriate training, which is costly.

“As far as hiring a vehicle is concerned, it’s difficult and would rely on frankly unimaginable negligence on the part of the hire company but I suppose the bigger risk would be buying a truck at an auction or dealership pretending to be a fake haulage company.”