TATI sets the standard in Oman with RTITB accreditation

TATI sets the standard in Oman with RTITB accreditation

The Technical and Administrative Training Institute (TATI) is leading the way in the Sultanate of Oman after becoming the country’s first organisation to provide RTITB workplace transport training.

As one of the largest private training organisations in Oman, TATI is now approved to deliver RTITB accredited training to over half of the major oil companies including Shell, BP, and Oman Oil.

Training is very important in Oman and the Middle East, where the oil industry is the biggest in the market.  TATI has been providing training qualifications including technical national vocation qualifications, business related health and safety, driver training, lift truck operator training and plant equipment operator training since 1993.

RTITB accreditation ensures that companies provide training that meets the high safety standards set by RTITB.  Recognised internationally, RTITB accreditation enables TATI to prove it meets these high standards, adding credibility to the already influential organisation.

“The RTITB courses are very detailed and have rigorous requirements,” explained Mani Sankar, TATI’s General Manager.  “They definitely have value and are not like other courses, particularly in the practical elements and demonstrations.”

Accredited training is a relatively new concept for organisations of Oman.  The quality standards are set by the oil companies and recent years have seen expectations in terms of training on the rise.  There is now legislation in place to help regulate training and check forklift licences, so accreditation has become a vital requirement for the country’s oil industry.

Employees with RTITB accredited training are automatically listed on the RTITB database and can then use this international certificate to prove their skills when seeking work in other companies or countries.

On top of providing credibility to TATI and its employees, the recent RTITB accreditation has encouraged the company to build a new training facility and improve safety conditions for employees.

TATI instructors and trainees now have a better knowledge of safety procedures and specific forklift truck features, which has improved the safety of employees in TATI’s workplace and could help to increase profit margins due to a reduction in damage to stock and equipment.

As the first organisation in Oman to become RTITB accredited, TATI has set the high standard for safety and skill based training within the Oman oil industry.  This rise in requirements for credibility in Oman is a good sign for the employees who work in the ever growing oil industry, and will ensure that forklift truck safety is considered on an international level.