A call to action

A call to action

Chief Executive | Road Haulage Association

The General Election provided an opportunity for the Road Haulage Association (RHA) to call on the Westminster ‘hopefuls’ and while they campaigned for votes, we made it clear that if the challenges facing the road transport and logistics industry were not immediately confronted, then the sector responsible for moving 85 per cent of the UK economy would be placed jeopardy, with thousands of jobs put at risk.

We published our manifesto within days of the election announcement and it is was good to have it acknowledged by various sources including Number 10, the trade and national press and key players in the sector.

Keeping the focus on five of the industry’s most prominent issues and keeping the document simple yet hard-hitting ensured that anyone that picked it up could quickly relate to it. After all, it’s a simple message - this industry needs action!

The RHA manifesto covers solutions to issues including road investment to help ease congestion and for the better provision of modern, safe and secure facilities for drivers that is so desperately needed.

We also highlighted the need for reducing the differential between fuel duty rates in the UK and the rest of the EU.

As for skills there are a number of asks to ensure the Government better supports our sector, to help reduce the growing shortage of drivers. Here there is huge potential to utilise more effectively the available talent from the younger generation as well as from minority groups such as veterans, the disabled and ex-offenders. Logistics offers hugely diverse opportunities for job seekers and there’s more that can be done to help facilitate their employment – but the industry needs the Government to support us.

As regards emissions and local air quality, Government must encourage cities and regions to target local air quality improvement where it’s needed but must be realistic about what is and what is not achievable.

Then of course there’s Brexit. The Government must ensure the continuation of frictionless customs procedures for an industry that is modelled on just in time deliveries. This is absolutely critical.

The manifesto will now form the foundation of what the RHA will use to lobby Government. Combined with representing the industry’s every need on numerous other issues, we can be sure of one thing, the Road Haulage Association will make its voice as loud as it needs to, to get the right deal for this industry.

For further information, visit: www.rha.uk.net

This article was first published in the summer issue of Freight Industry Times - click here for more details