Five things that add value to a van

Senior Commercial Vehicle Editor | Glass’s

Some options can really enhance the value of a light commercial vehicle or make it easier to sell when the time comes.  Here are the top five optional extras that, according to Glass’s, add value when it comes to selling your van.

A van equipped properly with extras sourced from the manufacturer will often add value.  Equally, there are plenty of options that are expensive when new but have little resale appeal or return when the van is offered on the open market.

Our advice to van buyers is, unless it is a requirement for your business, avoid loading up your vehicle unnecessarily with extras that won't give you a return when you sell."

The top five options recommended by Glass's are:
1. Air conditioning/climate control – driven by health and safety, this is now the first thing buyers look for in a used van, and before long, we believe will feature as standard specification on all LCVs.
2. Fully integrated Bluetooth – another feature that is part of health and safety concerns.  An essential extra for the van buyer and another feature that should be standardised.  To be able to keep in touch with customers safely whilst on the move is imperative.
3. Alloy wheels and appearance packs – although not suited to many large panel vans, those at the lighter end of the scale that double as lifestyle vehicles will benefit significantly from colour coded bumpers and wing mirrors as well as an upgrade on the standard wheels to a nice set of alloys.  There is a fine line though – too much bling will put potential buyers off.
4. Paint colours – metallic paint, if damage free, looks great on a van and enhances the overall appearance.  The right colour will add value and the van will sell more quickly on the open market.  Stick to a nice metallic dark blue or silver/grey to achieve the best return.
5. Load area protection/ply-lining – this is a cheap but essential extra for all vans that are not kitted out with internal racking.  It will not necessarily add value to your van, but will protect the vehicle both inside the load area and also from those in-to-out dings that are so difficult to repair.

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