Daredevil duo take to the skies for charity

Two daredevil co-workers who work in Armitt Group’s shipping and logistics department are planning to complete a skydive to raise money for the Wolverhampton Neonatal unit.

Lauren Caldwell and Rachael Mcadam are making the dive at Tilstock airfield in Shropshire on 20 August as their way of thanking the hospital for the help it gave Liam Wood, the grandson of one of their customers.

Liam was born by emergency C-section but was not breathing and had to be resuscitated. This took 13 minutes so he was transferred to Wolverhampton New Cross Neonatal unit which provides specialist care to help prevent further brain damage by a process of controlled hypothermia. Liam was kept cool and then brought back to his normal body temperature after 12 hours eventually leaving hospital after 15 days.

“Rachael and I were so touched by his story that we wanted to do something to highlight the work that this amazing Neonatal unit does,” said Lauren. “We’re both a bit crazy so we chose to do a skydive to raise money so this unit can continue to help other babies and their families.”