Sunak's 'super-deduction’ capital allowance offers golden opportunity for warehousing sector

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget announcement of a capital allowance ‘super-deduction’ could be a game-changer for many warehouse owners and operators, says Tim Wright, Managing Director of Invar Systems 

Why the latest trade figures make for grim reading

 The latest UK trade figures make grim reading for Britain’s manufacturers and retailers. Boris Johnson’s claim that his deal will leave Britain ‘prosperous and dynamic and contented’ looks increasingly far-fetched, says ParcelHero's Head of Consumer Research David Jinks.

The post-Covid supply chain

The Covid-19 pandemic has put supply chains in the spotlight. Worldwide, from business leaders to the average person on the street, there is now greater appreciation for the delicate balance of risk and reliance that results in free and open movement of goods and services – as well as greater knowledge of how easily the whole carefully-choreographed ballet can be disrupted.

Safety advice you can trust

Staying safe was a phrase we heard often in 2020. One year on from the start of the pandemic, I wonder whether there are lessons we have learnt about protecting ourselves and others that we can apply to operations today. After all, safety has always been essential in the materials handling industry. Forklift trucks are potentially some of the most dangerous equipment in your workplace, which is why promoting and enabling safety on site is at the heart of the FLTA.

HS2: The case for released freight capacity

HS2 is likely to be the only opportunity this century to generate a substantial increase in capacity for rail freight in the UK, says Zoe McClernon, Multimodal Policy Manager at Logistics UK.

Lots of spots? Bring on the bots!

As global air freight volatility continues, many leading procurement teams are turning to automation and artificial intelligence to combat the turbulence, says Keelvar’s CEO Alan Holland.

The disruption caused by Covid-19 reached every facet of the global supply chain – from inventory shortages to factory shutdowns. One critical challenge procurement and supply chain leaders continue to battle today is Covid’s impact on air cargo transportation. 

The future of logistics: Training a smart workforce



The pandemic has caused considerable disruption to the UK economy, and with that, unemployment has increased considerably. At the end of 2020, unemployment was at 5%, with experts predicting this is likely to increase to 7.5% by mid-2021, with 2.6 million people unemployed.

Lifelong commitment

The growth in demand for lithium-ion powered warehouse lift trucks is due, in part, to the fact that today’s sophisticated materials handling equipment users calculate the cost of operating a truck over the course of its entire working life, says John Maguire, managing director of Narrow Aisle Ltd

Lift truck specifiers from many of the UK’s leading retailers, manufacturers and third party logistics specialists are now more than ever taking the long view when it comes to specifying their materials handling fleet. 

Six easy steps for improving on-site safety

Tim Waples, Chief Executive of the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA), reveals details of Safety Drive: a new six-step safety campaign created to help tackle the persistently high numbers of accidents involving forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment.  

Launched in October, Safety Drive is being delivered via a series of six separate bulletins designed to cover almost every aspect of on-site safety. Information and resources for each of these segments can be found on the FLTA website: 

A force for good

The Cold Chain Federation launched as the new identity and new direction for our membership organisation (formerly the Food Storage and Distribution Federation) in June 2019. This marked the start of our mission to cement the UK cold chain’s status as an industry that is fundamental not only for the widespread availability of safe food and for the economy, but also for an environmentally responsible future for the UK.